(Disclaimer: 16 year old me wrote this; I just went back and proofread.)

Heart feels cold on a summer night.

You see, you hear, but you don’t feel. 
The pain isn’t as bearable as you thought. 

Love isnt as beautiful as you imagined.

Thats what you get for being good. Thats what you get for being you. 

The darkness in your eyes is the real you. 


You think youre happy, but you’re the most depressed.

Telling people to take more care of themselves because you want someone to take care of you . 

You dream of that day someone names a star after you, not knowing youre a billion light years away. 

You believe in stuff you see but why not believe in what you don’t?

You feel selfish when you dont want to let go. 

You strangle yourself in your dreams. 

The disease inside of you kills others instead of you. 

But the light you see isnt the light you know. 

The fear of losing is the same as the fear of finding. 

Look for the liver not the heart. 


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