“This is Forever,” a love poem from me to him.

I never thought I would find you.
When all this time you were right next to me. It all happened organically.
We loved each other for who we were first. Nothing sexual like now in days.
We were intellectually attracted to eachother first than physically attracted.
Our attraction grew.
Our friendship was our biggest bond.
Our minds were synched.
Now this is my side of the story.
I have no idea if he felt the same way.
But what I saw was a friend.

Made me laugh.
Made me want to wake up everyday to go see him.
What would I not do for this kid.
I don’t care if we were just friends or is we were like brother and sister or if we went out.
I didn’t care.
He gave me energy.
He was like a drug.
As long as he was a part of my life.. I didn’t care what label he was in my life.
I just wanted to see him.

Talk to him.

Love him.

Yeah he needed me, he needed me a lot.
But what people didn’t see is it was actually ME that needed him the most.
I didn’t have much friends.
Everyone I talked to was basically fake.
The fakest people I’ve ever met were my so called friends.

I thought of life as temporary.
I’m gonna die soon, I might even kill myself.
But love saved me.
His love.

I didn’t want it at first; I was too scared.
But what I didn’t know is that I had already fell in love with him.
Since the first day we talked.
My heart sort of knew he was going to be a handful.
Whole lot of confusing love shit.
So that moment he told he how he felt.
I wanted to run to him.
And kiss him.

And that first moment he kissed me, I wanted to make love to him.
Because there was something there that I never had with all the other relationships I had.
There was trust.
The kind of trust you don’t have with anyone else.
The kind of trust you thirst for when you’re desperate for a true friend.

It came organically.
It’s not temporary.
This is forever.

This is what forever feels like.
When we make love.
Takes me to a galaxy where time is irrelevant.
When we kiss.
He takes me to a place where there is no more pain.
He takes me to a nirvana.
He is my nirvana.
And those precious moments when we laugh hysterically..
He takes me to a place where I no longer give a shit about anyone or anything.
He makes me appreciate the special thing I have with him.
I wouldn’t trade his laugh for anything in the world.
I wouldn’t trade him for anything.
Time passes and I grow attached to him each and every day.
Not the bad kind of attached.
The kind of attached that makes me worry about him and makes me want to be with him more and more.
He’s my boyfriend right now, but it feels a lot stronger.
This kind of love doesn’t come to people everyday.
This is rare.

It’s organic.
It’s not temporary.
This is forever.

The want and the urge to live.
To live forever.
To grow old with him.
The love I have for this man makes the impossible, possible.
I believe in phenomenas because he’s made me experience love in so many ways.
He makes love seem like a myth.
Because I doubt people still feel this, I doubt people get to experience it.

I doubt it.

He makes it all worth it.
He makes it all special.
He makes me, me.
Makes me appreciate me.

I’ve gained so much confidence because of him.
He makes me feel like a queen.
Like his queen.

When I look into his eyes, I see a man.
Not an ordinary kind of man.

The man that would one day be my husband.
The man that would one day raise our children.
I don’t doubt that he’ll be the best dad.
I don’t doubt it at all.
He’s shown me that he’s the best friend a person can ever have.
And the best soul mate.

I don’t doubt him at all.

He’s the only person I don’t doubt.
I can bet my life that he will become what he strives to be; what his goal is to be.

I trust him.
He trusts me.
I trust us.

Knowing him and knowing me, we’ve known what our weaknesses are.
So we won’t make each other weak.
But we’ll make each other stronger.
We’ll pick each other up like how we’ve been doing it.
We’ve been practicing, because God knows what’s in front of us.

But that’s the beauty of it.

I can’t wait, regardless of the life struggles.
Because from what I know, I have the best life partner I could ever have.
The best motivational speaker I’ve ever met. The best therapist I’ve ever met.
The best doctor I’ve ever met.
Because he’s what has been keeping me alive and going.

He’s my morning after the darkness.

And he’s my joy after the pain.

And when I wake up every morning, I feel like having him in my life was a dream.
The best dream a girl can ever have.
Finally finding her soul mate.
Finding out that it’s real.

That he’s real.
Well you can only imagine how I feel.
It’s rare, it really is.

The feeling of exhaustion trying to find someone that has already been by your side since the beginning of the journey.
The biggest achievement was surviving all this time without you and the best and most amazing award was you.

The feeling of a champion, will be a feeling that I will always have.
Because having you by my side, makes me feel like a winner.
This feeling is rare.

It’s organic.
It’s not temporary.
This is forever.


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