Review of “Me And My Arrow” exhibition at the Kavi Gupta gallery in Chicago

I decided to visit the Me And My Arrow exhibition at the Kavi Gupta gallery. The first thing that I noticed when I walked in was the fact that the exhibition consisted of sculptural work but it was also an installation piece.


The installation on the wall was the thing that intrigued me the most. It was a wallpaper consisting of colorful arrows going both up and down. The way that they are constructed confuses the viewer because of the different lines and objects having different colors. There is not one single color that is used next to each other which only emphasizes the idea of non-repetitive techniques.

Even though the eye sees pattern, only a small portion of it is actually a pattern. The arrows are the pattern, as we can see how the arrows are going up and down in the same sequence. However, the colors are not really a pattern. When you look at an arrow with a particular color, we can look at another arrow with the same color and then look at the colors around that arrow and see that they are not the same as the previous arrow we looked at. The three dimensional arrows vary in size. They are interesting in form and they almost seem to be a small part of the installation on the wall. I like the unity of the exhibition as a whole.


I enjoy Tony Tasset’s idea of making such a simple object like an arrow, and make a whole installation/exhibition about it. Even though it seems to lack in meaning, it is something that appeals the eye and the colors cause different kinds of emotions to different people. When I went to the exhibition, I took someone else with me and they mentioned that the colors made them feel overwhelmed and mimicked a puzzle game. I felt like it was the opposite. I felt like it didn’t overwhelm me at all and on the contrary I wanted to see more of the pattern expand into different forms. It was a new way of seeing arrows and using something as simple as color to change the meaning and emotion of an arrow.



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