My Hair Journey: Blue Edition

If you have know me well enough you will know one thing about me: I always color my hair. There is not a moment in my life where I feel truly satisfied with how my hair looks. Having it one color just isn’t my thing. So I tend to switch it up very often.

I have gotten tons and tons of questions about my blue hair that I will gladly answer today.

First off I want to give you the name of the place where I get it done:


If you ever do  get to go to this salon, ask for Mayra. She’s the best hair stylist and hair color expert there.

Here are some questions I collected from Instagram:

Q: I see that you had a copper tone before the blue… did you have to lighten it more before that?

A: Yes! I had to bleach my entire head! It was a pretty easy process, even my hair stylist was impressed. Get your hair bleached professionally please!

Q: How do you keep the color so vibrant and your hair healthy? Do you know any hair lighteners that remove fashion colors easily that don’t destroy your hair as much?

A: The best secret for keeping your hair vibrant is probably not to wash it as often as you would normally do! Dry shampoo is now your best friend!

My hair is so far from being healthy! However, it tends to look pretty healthy sometimes. That is because I use the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask.(

It is a little pricey but worth it!.. Plus, it smells so good.

I have also heard of this brand: Overtone. It is meant to be a conditioner that you put on top of your fantasy color so it can always look freshly colored!

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with hair lighteners. I have never bleached or lightened my own hair before. I talked to Mayra, my hair stylist, and she mentioned that hair bleach sets that you find at Sally’s are actually really bad for your hair. They usually supply the highest concentrated bleach and sometimes, the buyers are not aware if the bleach they put on their hair is going to destroy it completely.

That is why I always encourage people to go to a professional! Bleach is not to fuck with.

Q: What color brand did you use?

A: I used the “Poseidon” color by Arctic Fox. ( It’s vegan and cruelty-free!

Q: How fast is the color fading?

A: This was probably my biggest fear from the beginning. How long will this color last? How often would I need to get it retouched. Here are some pictures that would help you answer that question:


1 day after color application

As you can see, this is a true blue. Almost a navy blue, but not quite there yet.


11 days after color application

As you can see, a lot of the blue is still visible. It basically almost looks the same. The only thing that has changed are my roots. After a good time consuming shower, my roots lost the dark blue color and started to fade in to an aqua. Also, my shower was full with blue dye splats.


13 days after color application

WTF! That’s a huge difference isn’t it? I had washed my hair once again, and this is the hair color I got. It is loosing a lot of the true blue color and turning into an aqua color. I like it, but I don’t love it. My hair stylist told me it will turn green.


16 days after color application

I took this picture 2 days ago. So as you can see, my hair is still aqua. Not green yet!

Overall, I’m really happy with how my hair is fading. I would have thought of the fading part to be much quicker.

If you ever want to dye your hair a crazy color PLEASEEEEEEE don’t do it yourself. Unless, you are a professional.

I hope to be updating this blog as I accumulate more questions.

Hopefully I answered your questions and helped at least a little bit!

See you later,



Analysis of Delaney’s Self Portrait and my approach to mimic techniques.


Self Portrait, Beauford Delaney (Oil on canvas)

When I look at Beauford Delaney’s Self Portrait, it reminds me of the faceting techniques cubists used. There is this flatness in the painting, yet we are still aware that space and three-dimensionality is present.

The portrait contained dark linear lines that are not much organic but try to maintain geometric. The eyes and nose are emphasized because of the square and triangular shapes conveyed. The lines vary from thick and thin and the most interesting thing is that the obvious features like the eyes, lips, nose, and eyebrows are the features that are emphasized with black bold lines.

What I also found very intriguing was the use of color. The medium used helped Delaney create the beautiful overlapping greens, blues, browns, and yellows in the face. Although the colors overlap and seem to be irregular in pattern, Delaney seems to have been strategic because the face does not lose dimension.

Art Academy Chicago, Rory, Chicago Seminar 6-10, KFC, 270[1]

The different values of colors really help the viewer distinguish the lights and the darks of the face. There is contrast between the colors and the values used in the face in comparison to the rest of the painting. This contrast creates balance as we see the hat and the clothing being painted in a very bold way with lack of values. Not only this, but we see balance because red isn’t seen in the face but only a small amount on the nose and under one eye.

Nonetheless, this help create harmony and unity with the painting as a whole. Space is manipulated with simplicity. The painting’s background lacks in any kind of extra information therefore making the human figure itself the main focus of the work. The texture of the painting looks very soft due to the blending of the colors that resemble almost a water-like consistence. Some areas, however, seem to look rough in texture. The background of the painting looks rough because of the small brushstrokes one can see. The brushstrokes on the background, hat, and clothes are very different from those on the face. There is a lot more detailed movement on areas that are not the face. The brushstrokes are repetitive and obviously lacks using more than one color so this contributes to the roughness of the paintings texture. Overall, the composition is very proportionate and all of the space is used making the painting look complete and rhythmic.

Now this is my inspired piece I created:


Self Portrait, Luz Miranda (Oil on canvas)

When I was creating this piece, I kept in mind that the assignment was to pick three things I enjoyed about Delaney’s self portrait. The techniques I enjoyed and liked were: the distortion of the face, reminder of Picasso and cubism, combination and use of colors/medium, and the overlapping of those colors. So all of the time I was painting, I kept looking back to those “rules.”

My instructor made me change the painting because he observed that my piece had lots of potential. He insisted I pushed more into something that would be completly different than Delaney’s work. I clearly did not understand the assignment because I was thinking that the finished assignment had to be somewhat of a replica from the original piece. I would have changed the different of this piece drastically if I could have done anything I wanted.

I have had experience prior to this assignment with painting with colors and overlapping/experimenting with oil paint. So I believe I could have wow’d! the whole class showing them my true potential with colorful self portraits.

Overall, I enjoyed looking at Delaney’s Self Portrait and somewhat trying to mimic it. Of course, it is nothing alike! My painting includes much more emphasis of the neon looking colors, which is something different that I tried here.

I hope you enjoy my approach to mimic a masterpiece.

Be my guest in analyzing my self portrait.

Review of “Me And My Arrow” exhibition at the Kavi Gupta gallery in Chicago

I decided to visit the Me And My Arrow exhibition at the Kavi Gupta gallery. The first thing that I noticed when I walked in was the fact that the exhibition consisted of sculptural work but it was also an installation piece.


The installation on the wall was the thing that intrigued me the most. It was a wallpaper consisting of colorful arrows going both up and down. The way that they are constructed confuses the viewer because of the different lines and objects having different colors. There is not one single color that is used next to each other which only emphasizes the idea of non-repetitive techniques.

Even though the eye sees pattern, only a small portion of it is actually a pattern. The arrows are the pattern, as we can see how the arrows are going up and down in the same sequence. However, the colors are not really a pattern. When you look at an arrow with a particular color, we can look at another arrow with the same color and then look at the colors around that arrow and see that they are not the same as the previous arrow we looked at. The three dimensional arrows vary in size. They are interesting in form and they almost seem to be a small part of the installation on the wall. I like the unity of the exhibition as a whole.


I enjoy Tony Tasset’s idea of making such a simple object like an arrow, and make a whole installation/exhibition about it. Even though it seems to lack in meaning, it is something that appeals the eye and the colors cause different kinds of emotions to different people. When I went to the exhibition, I took someone else with me and they mentioned that the colors made them feel overwhelmed and mimicked a puzzle game. I felt like it was the opposite. I felt like it didn’t overwhelm me at all and on the contrary I wanted to see more of the pattern expand into different forms. It was a new way of seeing arrows and using something as simple as color to change the meaning and emotion of an arrow.


“This is Forever,” a love poem from me to him.

I never thought I would find you.
When all this time you were right next to me. It all happened organically.
We loved each other for who we were first. Nothing sexual like now in days.
We were intellectually attracted to eachother first than physically attracted.
Our attraction grew.
Our friendship was our biggest bond.
Our minds were synched.
Now this is my side of the story.
I have no idea if he felt the same way.
But what I saw was a friend.

Made me laugh.
Made me want to wake up everyday to go see him.
What would I not do for this kid.
I don’t care if we were just friends or is we were like brother and sister or if we went out.
I didn’t care.
He gave me energy.
He was like a drug.
As long as he was a part of my life.. I didn’t care what label he was in my life.
I just wanted to see him.

Talk to him.

Love him.

Yeah he needed me, he needed me a lot.
But what people didn’t see is it was actually ME that needed him the most.
I didn’t have much friends.
Everyone I talked to was basically fake.
The fakest people I’ve ever met were my so called friends.

I thought of life as temporary.
I’m gonna die soon, I might even kill myself.
But love saved me.
His love.

I didn’t want it at first; I was too scared.
But what I didn’t know is that I had already fell in love with him.
Since the first day we talked.
My heart sort of knew he was going to be a handful.
Whole lot of confusing love shit.
So that moment he told he how he felt.
I wanted to run to him.
And kiss him.

And that first moment he kissed me, I wanted to make love to him.
Because there was something there that I never had with all the other relationships I had.
There was trust.
The kind of trust you don’t have with anyone else.
The kind of trust you thirst for when you’re desperate for a true friend.

It came organically.
It’s not temporary.
This is forever.

This is what forever feels like.
When we make love.
Takes me to a galaxy where time is irrelevant.
When we kiss.
He takes me to a place where there is no more pain.
He takes me to a nirvana.
He is my nirvana.
And those precious moments when we laugh hysterically..
He takes me to a place where I no longer give a shit about anyone or anything.
He makes me appreciate the special thing I have with him.
I wouldn’t trade his laugh for anything in the world.
I wouldn’t trade him for anything.
Time passes and I grow attached to him each and every day.
Not the bad kind of attached.
The kind of attached that makes me worry about him and makes me want to be with him more and more.
He’s my boyfriend right now, but it feels a lot stronger.
This kind of love doesn’t come to people everyday.
This is rare.

It’s organic.
It’s not temporary.
This is forever.

The want and the urge to live.
To live forever.
To grow old with him.
The love I have for this man makes the impossible, possible.
I believe in phenomenas because he’s made me experience love in so many ways.
He makes love seem like a myth.
Because I doubt people still feel this, I doubt people get to experience it.

I doubt it.

He makes it all worth it.
He makes it all special.
He makes me, me.
Makes me appreciate me.

I’ve gained so much confidence because of him.
He makes me feel like a queen.
Like his queen.

When I look into his eyes, I see a man.
Not an ordinary kind of man.

The man that would one day be my husband.
The man that would one day raise our children.
I don’t doubt that he’ll be the best dad.
I don’t doubt it at all.
He’s shown me that he’s the best friend a person can ever have.
And the best soul mate.

I don’t doubt him at all.

He’s the only person I don’t doubt.
I can bet my life that he will become what he strives to be; what his goal is to be.

I trust him.
He trusts me.
I trust us.

Knowing him and knowing me, we’ve known what our weaknesses are.
So we won’t make each other weak.
But we’ll make each other stronger.
We’ll pick each other up like how we’ve been doing it.
We’ve been practicing, because God knows what’s in front of us.

But that’s the beauty of it.

I can’t wait, regardless of the life struggles.
Because from what I know, I have the best life partner I could ever have.
The best motivational speaker I’ve ever met. The best therapist I’ve ever met.
The best doctor I’ve ever met.
Because he’s what has been keeping me alive and going.

He’s my morning after the darkness.

And he’s my joy after the pain.

And when I wake up every morning, I feel like having him in my life was a dream.
The best dream a girl can ever have.
Finally finding her soul mate.
Finding out that it’s real.

That he’s real.
Well you can only imagine how I feel.
It’s rare, it really is.

The feeling of exhaustion trying to find someone that has already been by your side since the beginning of the journey.
The biggest achievement was surviving all this time without you and the best and most amazing award was you.

The feeling of a champion, will be a feeling that I will always have.
Because having you by my side, makes me feel like a winner.
This feeling is rare.

It’s organic.
It’s not temporary.
This is forever.