Art Classes

“Stop” by Luz Miranda (acrylic paint, cardboard, sumi ink, paper, and plastic on canvas).

Me in art school. 

I feel like it would’ve been boring because I see the same thing EVERYWHERE. 

It’s the same kind of bullshit with fakish people.

I don’t really understand what makes something art. Because most of these people in my classes don’t really know how to explain what they’re doing.

It’s not a bad thing. There’s definitely obvious talent with some of these artists. 

But the definition of art has been corrupted and made to think “anything is bullshittable.”

If it’s bullshit to an artist, does it have to mean something to the viewer?

This makes me question whether it’s like this only is higher education art. I feel like something made in high school or elementary school is more valuable to the artist than it is in college.

But I could be wrong.

Anways, I expected art classes to be fun and experimentational. But it’s honestly nothing I haven’t seen before.

Is this it? Is that all the art world has to offer? To what extent is it enough?

Maybe it’s just because I’m in a shitty art program. I don’t know. I just hope art classes at a different school isn’t so bad.

I want to see something different.

Not just everyone trying to bullshit.


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