To my Ex

First off, I decided to respond to you in this way so that you can maybe stop bothering me. 

I no longer intend to conversate with you. This will be the last time I say something to you.

Thank you. For your nice words and most importantly for apologizing. But know that I don’t care anymore.

I don’t wish you any harm and if anything I wish you the best happiness in the world.

I’m fine, I really am. I’m with the most amazing human being right now that I love him so much. I can only hope you meet someone and feel the same thing I feel for my boyfriend, my best friend.

I’m glad that you “fuck” because you wouldn’t stop talking about it when we were together. 

I swear to God, not having sex with you was the best decision I ever made in my life. Besides, finally leaving you.

There were good times, I’m not going to lie. I appreciated your friendship and at my young age, it was cool to have a friend like you.

I hope you learned a couple of things from this. Including not hurting people you “love.” 

I’m sorry. I’m sorry too. 

I’m not a horrible person, I tried to tell you that I’m here for you and that I’m your friend. But obviously that didn’t work.

So here’s my last goodbye to you. Please leave me alone. Honestly, I hope you find your nirvana. Where you feel no pain or agony. 

Make something out of your life. I believe in you. Always have and always will.

I blocked you from my cellphone, Facebook, Instagram. So please, don’t make me block you from my email. 

Be well jc.


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