Who are you?

I’m always bad at this.. introductions.. introducing myself. I guess there’s never a good way to know someone thoroughly with just reading their bio or artist statement. I’ll need to give you more than that.

Weird way to see it, but I’ll be losing my virginity through this new website. Reason being, because I never show the real me to anybody. Only a few people really know me; at least, that what I tell myself. It takes a lot from me, being an introvert, to be myself and not be afraid of humanity.

Its hard to express myself anywhere else that is not my phone or my computer or my mirror. Therefore, I chose to contact the world and humans through the internet.

Through art, explicit poetry, photography, and some weird rambling like this, I will let you all know who I really am.

I am (I was suppose to insert some deep shit that I couldn’t figure out. WTF I already suck.)


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